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The Unwritten Rules of Camping Etiquette


Australia is a remarkable country to explore, with many blind blowing places to visit and the laid back culture in the country. More and more people are  nowaday’s looking to sell off their assets,  ditch their 9-5 working life for something more stress free,  relaxing and enjoyable.  With more Aussies and visitors from overseas road tripping Australia,  more people are looking for cheaper camping options. Some people have had years of camping experience, some have limited, we thought it was best to share what we see are the basic rules of camping etiquette.   The points are based on our personal thoughts and experiences. Despite the brief nature of this post, we hope that its importance is portrayed to fellow travelers.

Regardless, we aim for a common goal that most travelers and campers seek: a memorable and enjoyable time. Now, let us take a look at some of the camping etiquette rules that one should keep in mind on your camping holiday.


Take your rubbish with you if your free camping or camping at a low cost camp. However, if you are in a caravan park, dispose of it in bins. If the park has a recycling option, split your items between recycling and rubbish. Either way, make sure that you leave the camping site better than you found it. In other words, when you leave, it should look like no one was even there.

Keep it Clean 

You need to do more than just keep the outside surroundings and environment clean. You also need to keep certain utilities that you and your family use clean on a daily basis. This ensures that nobody gets sick on a family holiday.  For instance, always mop the floor of the shower cubicle after use. This way, it is clean and ready for the next person to use.

Our pet hate is when people don’t flush the toilet, PLEASE  make sure you flush your business after using the toilet. Unfortunately, some people don’t know what the flush button is, which is just disgusting and lazy!  Additionally, if the toilet facilities have provided  paper towel, dispose of it in the bins after use.

When using the Camp kitchen, keep it clean and presentable for others to use. If you have spray and wipe, give the benches a clean before use and after use. Make sure you dispose of your rubbish and wash out the sink after doing your dishes. Moreover, if you spill something whilst using the facilities, clean it up.

Noise limits 

This is especially important if you are camping near other people. If you are free camping, limit your time when using a generator. Certainly, don’t use it overnight as people want to sleep. Instead, use it during the day at suitable times.

Try and choose times that are more respectable to others. Noise can also be in other forms such as loud music, loud talking or laughing. Sure, we all want to have fun, but you need to keep in mind other people as well.

Camping Space 

This one is our biggest gripe. Unfortunately, we have had some bad experiences when it comes to caravan parks. Here’s the general rule: keep out of other peoples camps.

Even if there is space to potentially walk through, just don’t. Walking through somebody’s camping site is just plain rude. Even if you are free camping, keep some distance from the next camper. When people are camping, there are generally looking for wide open spaces and privacy.  Show each other respect by not invading one another’s privacy.

If you stick to the above rules, everyone will be happy, as well as enjoy their camping adventure. So, in the unlikely case that you cross past each other, simply say g’day to your fellow campers.

Respect The Rules 

In caravan parks, the rules are set for a reason, so follow them. For instance, speed limits and rules are crucial and have to be met. There are kids that ride their bikes or play on the road, so be alert and on the lookout.

If you have your ‘fur baby’ with you, keep them in control. Don’t let them run loose and annoy other campers. Moreover, you need to pick up after your dog. In other words, pick up their business and dispose of it effectively.

If you’re planning to free camp, do so in the designated areas. This means that you shouldn’t pull up and camp in Truck Bays or Stops. Those areas are designated for Trucks Only!


In summary, the rules are pretty simple, yes there are places around Australia that have specific rules and regulations when it comes to camping, however they are all simply about common courtesy and treating people how you would like to be treated in return. The camping etiquette rules do not steal the joy out of camping, rather, they make it more memorable.

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camping etiquette

5 thoughts on “The Unwritten Rules of Camping Etiquette”

  1. i have never camp in my entire life, i had no idea all this things to keep in mind. its good to know that even in the woods people should respecto other campers too. im sure it is alot of fun

    1. There is nothing to be brave about when it comes to camping! Its really rewarding and relaxing, you just have to be open minded about it! Certainly give it ago!

  2. Wow! I’ve never gone camping “for real”, heck… what I am talking about? I’ve never gone camping for fake either lol. It’s been something I’ve thought about, but I’ve been super scared to do it. This definitely gives me more of a push to though. Although I haven’t gone camping, I love, love, love the rules you lay out. I would have never thought of this (although I think I’m a good person and would have done some of these things intuitively) and it’s just great to have a guideline or something to refer to in order to make I’m camping respectfully… some day, soon I hope!

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