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The Best Apps for an Australian Road Trip

Travel Apps. Which ones are good and useful for you and your travel adventures? There are loads on the market these days but how do you know which ones are most practical and useful for you.
We share with you our selection of best travel apps that we love and use on our Road Trip’s in Australia.


Wikicamps is one of the best campsite apps to have for Aussie Road Trips. This app is recommended by many caravanners/campers and backpackers and we know why because it’s the ultimate Australian road trip planning app. 

It’s filled with information on Campgrounds, Caravan Parks, Backpacker Hostels, Day Use Areas (Toilets/ Dump Points) and Points of Interest.

The Wikicamps app gives you details on specific places, so if its a caravan park you’re looking for, it will have a contact number, web address, photos, and user reviews. 

There are a couple of negatives with the app, it does cost money to download it’s now $7.99, I think we originally purchased the app when it was $6 so the price is going up. The other negative is you need to download all the content on your phone or iPad if you know you will be in an area that has no phone signal or Wi-Fi connection. Preparation is the key!

Australian Road Trip

Fuel Map

This app is created by the folks at WikiCamps. The Fuel Map Australia app is free to download. And is a wicked road trip planner app for Aussie roads! 

With the app, you can search for fuel stations nearby to your current location or zoom in to a location you’re are heading to and see if fuel/diesel/gas is available and the price.

Emergency Australia

To stay up to date with official warnings, incidents and emergencies download the Emergency App. This is free to download and works Australia wide. It delivers warnings and incident information that is issued by Official Agencies across Australia. No matter the warning, Bushfire, Flood, Cyclone, Severe Weather Events, Storms the app has it all. You can set up watch areas around your location so you know that you and your family are safe.

Please note, this App is now retired, however if it’s available to download, we still recommend it as it refers you to the individual state emergency apps that are recommended to have on your phone.

Australian Road Trip


Toilet Finder

This is a new app for us, but it’s a bloody genius idea! For the ladies, there is nothing worse than having to pee behind a bush in the middle of now where. With the Toilet Finder app, this helps you locate the nearest toilet to your location. The app is free to download too!

Hema Maps

We loved Hema Maps whilst we’re on our Kimberley Trip in 2017, we downloaded offline Maps and we found this easier to use than the WikiCamps Offline Maps. It was great to gauge a true indication of how far you were away from Towns/Cities, certain key attractions and rest stops. HemaMaps does cost and we paid around $50 for it but it was well worth it.


Facebook & Instagram

Our favourite social sharing apps. Facebook has succeeded as it does a great job of connecting people worldwide and enabling them to share their lives and things they discover.

Both Wayne and I have our Facebook accounts as well as our travel & business page Love Your Travels. This is a great way for us to share our adventures with our family, friends and in many of the various camping, caravan and travel blogging groups.
Follow Love Your Travels on Facebook.

Instagram is an online platform to capture and share the world’s moments. We find Instagram is a better way to connect with fellow travelers through commenting on photos and taking short 15 second videos of where we are.
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Both apps are free to download if you don’t have either we suggest you do!

Australian Road Trip


YouTube is the best way to pass time by watching the millions of videos on YouTube, or even get creative and get yourself out there!

We started our YouTube Channel Love Your Travels, so we can capture a wider audience and show who we are and where we travel to.
YouTube is free to download.

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Australian Road Trip

Star Walk

Star Walk is the most beautiful stargazing app you’ve ever seen on a mobile device. It will become your interactive guide to the night sky, following your every movement in real-time and allowing you to explore over 200, 000 celestial bodies with extensive information.

 First Aid App 

This app is an absolute must. Its simple, free and can quite literally save a life. This is the official Australian Red Cross First Aid app that gives you access to the information you need to know in the most common first aid emergencies. 

Mytomra App

Being from Victoria, our state has recycling but there is no cashback recycling scheme. Many states around Australia offer Cash Back when you take your recycling to allocated depots. 

Travelling through NSW we discovered the cashback scheme at depots across the state. Recycle Cans and Bottles and get cashback! We were able to have it linked directly to our PayPal account so we were able to recycle at locations and get cashback into our account in a short time. There may be other apps for each state, this is what we found directly in New South Wales. 

Television Streaming – 10 Play, Nine Now, Yahoo 7, Stan & Netflix

We found travelling in a camper trailer you miss the comforts of home and that includes watching TV! 

Live Streaming your favourite TV shows or even watching a movie on your mobile phone was a treat for us. We always had to make sure we didn’t go over our data plan. We have since reviewed all our data plans and we have enough data on both of our mobile plans so we won’t incur any excess data fees!

Now we can stream all day long!

Markets & Fairs

When you’re traveling around, it’s sometimes its best to know what it’s on in the area. You never know there might be a major event which means no accommodation or skyrocketing prices. 

The Markets and Fairs apps is a great resource that helps with this but also is a great app to find things to do! Whether its markets, shows or festivals it’s all on it! 

We use this app regularly to find Markets to attend in the areas that we are travelling to. Have you seen the items we sell? Check out our ONLINE STORE HERE! 


I used to think iTunes was the bomb, but having to pay for each song or album sure did get expensive. Thankfully Spotify came along and now I just pay a flat monthly fee and I can stream all the music I want and download it directly to my phone! 

Spotify, where have you been all my life!! 

Gas bottle refills 

This app helps you locate the nearest Gas Bottle Refill store with the cheapest price! Prices are advertised for the 9KG & 4.5KG bottle refill and the 8.5KG & 3.75KG bottle swap. 

Snakes of Australia

When out in the Australian heat, snakes can be very dangerous. The snakes of Australia App includes a comprehensive guide to snakes in Australia. With full details of Australian snakes, including photos, distribution maps, key characters, danger rating and more. It also includes snake venoms, first aid, and snake biology. 

A handy app to have when your our exploring bushland.

Bureau Of Meteorology Weather

The BOM Weather App is the official Bureau of Meteorology’s weather app in Australia. It provides you the most accurate weather information at your fingers tips. 

It includes, the current conditions that includes temperature, ‘feels like’ temperature, wind speed, and direction, humidity and rainfall since 9am. Along with Rain Radar and Forecasts for the week ahead. In the event of travelling during the cyclone season, this is your first point of reference. 

Trip Advisor

Let’s face it, we all take into consideration what ‘others’ think of a location, attraction or restaurant. Trip Advisor has millions of reviews, photos, and videos so you can always be sure you’re making the right choice when it comes to your holiday plans.  We regularly review Trip Advisor to seek feedback on Hotel Stays & Attractions. 


Unforgettable travel experiences start with Airbnb. Find travel adventures and new places to go far away or near to you, and access vacation home rentals, new experiences, and places to visit all around the world. Everyone needs a break from the caravan, campervan or camper trailer. Find a bit of luxury with AirBnb!

 Book everything for your trip, or start earning money as a host. Want to get $70 off your next booking with AirBnb – Use This Link 


Dreaming of coming to Australia or even driving one of Australia’s most iconic highways? Skyscanner is one of the best apps for comparing flights, hotels, and car rentals. We use Skyscanner to find the best deals! With no booking fees or hidden charges that’s always a plus too! This app has over 70 Million users, the folks at Skyscanner must be doing something right! 

Final Thoughts

There are a significant amount of travel apps available on the iOS and Android devices however these are the ones we love and use regularly. If there are any others that you recommend feel free to leave us a comment.



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  1. Some great app ideas. I broke my phone at the end of my last road trip in Victoria and that was a disaster! Good luck on your travels!

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