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camping in hot weather

How To Survive Camping in Hot Weather

Who loves camping adventures? We certainly do, however we have ditched the tent and we now have the pleasure of a camper trailer. Don’t worry the dream of owning a Caravan is on the one day list!

It doesn’t matter where your planning to camp,it could be anywhere on your dream road trip in Australia, or even 10kms out the road of your local township at one of the lakes. But if your planning to go camping in hot humid weather you need to be careful. If you don’t keep yourself cool it may lead to dehydration and other problems that would be difficult to cope with.


Here are our tips to help you survive camping in Hot Weather of Australia

1.If your camping in your tent or camper trailer, make sure you put it up where you get the maximum shade. Staying cool whilst camping is important, so find a good shady tree to pull up. This is a great way to keep cool while camping at night as this will help keep your tent or trailer cooler during the afternoon and it should be even cooler at night.

 2.If there is water source available nearby, such as a river or lake, choose it for your campsite.  Not only will the breeze over the water help keep your tent cool, you will find you will get a  good night’s sleep from it. Its also  great place to keep your body cool as you can take a quick dip in the water to keep cool.  Of course, be careful of currents in the water and if required wear your life vests when swimming.

3.We cant enforce this one enough, hydrate your body by drinking lots of water. Even if your not thirsty, still drink it. Its also best to avoid soft drinks or caffeine on a stinking hot day.

4.From a clothing perspective, make sure you wear light colored cotton clothes to stay cool while camping.  Don’t forget your hat, this will help reduce sunburn on your head and the side of your face and most importantly don’t forget to Slip, Slop, Slap with Sunscreen!

5.Take along an empty spray bottle or even a spray bottle with a fan for your next camping adventure. Spraying cold water on your face whilst camping in hot weather will be another way to keep you cool!

6.We are a fan of the Mini USB Chargable Fans, there great to help cool your tent on hot days. There have some mighty power to get the breeze on you.


7.If your dehydrated, water will certainly help however it doesn’t hurt to have packed some electrolytes sachets on hand. We recommend the Hydralyte brand. Another classic symptom of dehydration is a headache, make sure you have the  pain relief packed.

8.Now not everyone has the luxury of having fridge/freezers when they go camping however we would suggest to keep insulated ice-packs or frozen bottles of water on hand in your esky. This will not only keep your drinks cool but if needed  you can put a face washer in the icy cold water and put on your forehead if your feeling too hot. A great way to stay cool whilst camping!

9.When sleeping in a tent in hot weather a good way to help reduce heat on your tent is to put a string tarp over it, make sure you leave enough room for air to circulate between the tent and tarp. Some of our readers suggest putting a swimming noodle or floatation ring between the two to make sure the airflow gets through. Its a bit more work, but the benefits will be noticeable.


10.Lastly this one is pretty simple, if its too hot for camping simply don’t go or even better pack up and spend some cash in a air-conditioned cabin if your in a caravan park. Don’t risk it, be comfortable!

We are sure that if you follow our Hot Weather Camping Tips, it will make your next camping experience a lot more bearable.


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camping in hot weather
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