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Hello there, welcome to Love Your Travels! Firstly, we want to thank you for dropping by to our little corner of the internet, no matter how you found us and our site, we thank you for checking it out!

Love Your Travels is a registered small business that encompasses a roving Caravanning, Camping and Glamping Store in addition to sharing our travel adventures. We also offer camper trailer hire to give individuals, couples or families the opportunity for more of a glamourous opportunity of camping. 

We love sharing our products and travels completed. Some in Australia and some Overseas.  We are very social on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, this is where you get to know the real us! The Us with personality! 

Our social platforms are mainly managed by Stacey as Wayne does most of the driving to all the amazing places we visit. He isn’t that tech savvy! 

We are both currently having “time out” from our current employers. Well Wayne quit his job and Stacey is on a Career Break. We are currently travelling around Australia promoting our business and brand. You never know where we will pop up, so follow our Facebook & Instagram to keep track of our whereabouts.

 Our below “about” shares what what our life was like post ‘time out’

About Stacey 

Stacey works full time for a major banking corporation and has been in the industry for well over 13 years. She is an experienced leader with years of success in growing and developing individuals and teams. She has done many travel adventures with Wayne in Australia, however the bucket list has been ticked with overseas travels to Canada in 2012, America in 2016,  Cruised New Zealand with her mother in 2016 and then Vietnam in 2017. Stacey really is the bones behind Love Your Travels, she manages all the social media platforms, writes all the blogs and does all the editing for our YouTube Videos.

About Wayne 

Wayne works full time for a Grain Company as a Grain Handler, he has been in the industry for many years. In addition to that, he is a jack of all trades and he is the driver &  key organiser on all the trips we go on! He has the car packed, serviced and ready for us to hit the road. He is chief Drone Operator and captures some amazing photography and videography.

Our Home Town & How we Met

Both of us come from a small country town in Donald, Victoria. Well known for its range of “Kookas Country Cookies 

How we met, well we met how most country people meet. In the local pub! There is 22 years difference in age between us but that means absolutely nothing. We have been together for 12 years and finally married in March 2019.

Our Why

We are proud of Love Your Travels and how it’s evolved over time. All we ever wanted was to create inspiring content to motivate others to travel more. We didn’t think we would turn it into a retail business but it did and we love it! 

We meet people from all different walks of life and they all have their own story to tell. We live listening to them. 

We are all for ticking off our bucket list and making life long memories together. We love setting goals and sticking to them. Life only gives you one opportunity, make sure you make the most of it each day. 


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