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Road Tripping Oz- 10 Red Centre Essentials

On our trip to Central Australia  in June 2016, we made a list of what we call “The Red Centre Essentials”, they are must have items that you need to have packed for when you road trip here. 

1- Fly Nets

Those flies will drive you absolutely insane and the investment of a fly net will help your sanity in the outback. We were lucky on our trip as we didn’t have to use them. However in the warmer months I can only imagine the swarms of flies that will infest on you. Located at many of the roadhouses as well as the townships of Yulara and Kings Canyon, you can make the last minute dash to purchase one. We found the prices ranged from $5 to $10. Alternatively you can purchase at a camping store prior to your departure of your trip.

2. Ponchos

The “just in case” moment if it happens to rain whilst you’re out walking in the outback. You can pick up one from Kmart for $4, or the the roadhouses do sell them however they will be double/triple the price.

3. Insect Repellent

Brands like Bushman’s/Aero guard, Off, Bugger Off or the cheap Aldi version will help with the flies and mozzies that might want to annoy you. We also like to  carry a can of surface spray to help with the ants.

Red Centre Essentials
Bushmans Insect Repellent, although our favourite is the Cheaper Aldi Version

4. Water

Heading to the outback, water is limited and it can be costly if you need to purchase it. You will find places like Coober Pedy, charge you for using water. Best advice is to stock up on water for yourself and your vehicle. We like to carry at 20Litre Water Container and we purchase a 24 pack of Water.

5. Sunscreen

The sun in Australia can be quite fierce and damaging. Its always best to Slip,Slop,Slap all year round. We don’t have a preference on a sunscreen we always go for something that is affordable.

6. Food

Always come prepared when it comes to eating, whilst there is a Supermarket at Yulara(Uluru) and prices are reasonable the further remote you are the higher prices you can expect to pay. Kings Canyon had ridiculous prices for food at their Store. Best recommendation is bring what you can and if it’s a case of you have to buy it, expect the premium price.

7. Mobile Phone or Satellite Sleeve

In most cases you will have phone reception at all road houses and this will predominately be Telstra service. However we did come unstuck when we traveled to Kinds Canyon and found that there was no reception here. We had to pay $5 for a phone card which lasted around the 2 to 3 minute mark. In the case of emergencies, you can now get Satellite Sleeves that go on your mobile hone and act as a satellite phone. You would need to check with your phone provider if they offer this service, we are yet to try this however we would love to in the future.

8. Music Playlist

For any remote long distance driving, highly recommend having music on board. Your chance of picking up a radio station is very limited, however you could be lucky at times. We were well prepared with a Red Centre Playlist on the iphoneto listen to all our favourite songs.

Red Centre Essentials
RED CENTRE ESSENTIALS – Good tunes make a good road trip

9. Appropriate Clothing & Shoes

The outback can have extreme heat and brisk chilly nights. Always try to pack a bit of both summer and winter clothing. The most important item you have to bring is Walking Shoes or Boots. There is so much to explore in Central Australia, most of it is seen by walking. A good pair of shoes/boots will get you to those fantastic spots!

10. Open Mind & Positive Attitude

In any country you always have to respect their country’s culture, the same goes for Australia. The Aboriginal Community have long lived on our land, everyone needs to respect their heritage and the way of life. We chose not to climb Uluru, we did see many others do it. For us, no thanks.



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