Yanga National Park

Yanga National Park

New Year’s Day 2017; A great way to start the year off on another loveyourtravels adventure. After staying the night at Euston Riverfront Caravan Park, Wayne gave me the option, do we go to Mildura or take a trip to Balranald for the day.

My thoughts were whilst I would love a trip to Mildura,  I had never been to Balranald. I really didn’t even know if there was anything there to do or see but you never know unless you get in the car and go! Balranald here we come!!

We were pleasantly surprised upon our arrival, Balranald which much like any other country you drive in and on the left and right is the supermarket, café, local club, service station.  However little did we know this town is central to Mungo National Park (approx. 100km drive away) in addition to Yanga National Park which is only 10minutes out of town. Yanga National Park is a new acquired park by the state government and it’s a big park to explore.

Yanga National Park
Welcome to Balranald

Our first stop was the Historic Yanga Woolshed. We found it to be a fascinating insight into the pioneer pastoral history. The Shearing Shed was very informative, there was ipads located throughout which offered information on each job role in the shed, recordings of shearing life and stories to tell.  It provided a great overview of life and the working times in the shed. Then onto the dining hall and shearers quarters outside. These rooms certainly step you back in time; pretty much left as they were when the government acquired them, it gives a precise look of how things were run.

Yanga National Park
Yanga Woolshed

Just a few meters from the Woolshed is a rest area that offers toilets and shaded BBQ area thats nestled in on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River. A great place to take a break!

One of the great things about this national park is the many rest areas and camping spots available. For all the full details recommend checking out the Parks Website.

Our last spot to visit for the day at Yanga National Park was the homestead and the Yanga Lake. It was great to see the lake in all its glory after all the recent rain and flooding. The views from the viewing platform are picturesque and make a great photo!

The Homestead had been operating since the 1840s and has been with the one family from 1919-2005.You can go inside the homestead for a small cost.

Yanga National Park
Yanga Homestead

For a day trip that we thought would be short, we actually spend half the day visiting the Park. Learning about the history of the area is well worth taking time out of your day for. You don’t know how surprising a place will be until you visit.

Yanga Lake offers free camping & rest areas. For further details on the Park visit Parks website.


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