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Exploring Kings Canyon & Our Stay at Kings Canyon Campground

Kings Canyon

If you want to know where the most expensive place in Australia is, it sure has to be Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory.

Not only will you pay premium prices at the resort, but you will pay over inflated prices for fuel, food and drink. If your looking to explore Kings Canyon, you can stay at Kings Canyon resort which is only a short drive from the Kings Canyon car park.

Kings Canyon Campground

We stayed for 2 nights in an unpowered tent site, which cost $40 a night. For full price details and accommodation options you can view the details here.

To be honest, we actually liked staying at Kings Canyon, it was very relaxing and a peaceful place to stay.  We felt this was mainly due to not having any phone reception at all. Yes that’s right, no phone or internet service. It gets you back to real life reality! If you want to make a phone call you can  purchase a phone card or pay the exorbitant prices for WiFi.

Although if you miss internet to much, there is free WiFi available  at the car park at Kings Canyon so you can touch base with your family and friends.

We loved the campground for a number of reasons. Plenty of toilet/ shower blocks, they were cleaned twice a day and there was always staff wondering about checking on things within the campground.  There was also a  number of undercover blocks to cook, eat and wash up.  There was three camp kitchens, yes quite small, but they offered a fridge, gas stove, microwave, toaster, kettle and power points to charge any mobile phones or lap tops. The swimming pool was getting a work out even in June when we visited and  there is a kids playground and tennis court.   To walk to the local pub, service station and dining area we estimate its at 100 meter walk from the campground.

There was a couple of downfalls but that is purely because you are in the Central Outback of Australia, the dingoes LOVE to roam around all day and night. Its important to make sure you have everything stored away and rubbish put in bins.  The flies are very friendly, we were only here in June and the weather was cold and they weren’t that bad, we would hate to see what they are like in Summer. Remember to pack, Insect Repellent and a Fly Net.

There is also a viewing sunset platform that is a short walk from the campground. We didn’t go there, so cant really tell you what that is like.

If you want to know about the prices they are simply just a joke, make sure you bring everything with you but if you need supplies be prepared to pay the price.

6 Pack of Beer at the Pub was $42, which works out to be $160 a Slab.  At the Servo/General Store a block of chocolate was $10.40, Cheese and Crackers $7.50, Packet of Lollies was $6.50 need I say more! Diesel was $1.90 a Litre and Unleaded was $2.00 We used the Fuel App so we could get an idea on fuel price prior to arriving there and carried extra fuel so we wouldn’t have to pay the exorbitant price.

Kings Canyon Walks

3 main walking trails you can do when you visit Kings Canyon. The Rim Walk, The Kings Creek Walk and Kathleen Springs Walk. There is also the South Wall Return Walk which is part of the Rim Walk.

The great thing about Kings Canyon is there is no cost to enter this National Park and if your body can handle it, do all the walks. They are truly remarkable.

Rim Walk- Kings Canyon

is by far the hardest however its the best and its what you come to Kings Canyon for! The Rim Walk begins with a challenging 500-step climb. But it’s worth every step. Upon reaching the summit, you will marvel at the breathtaking views.  There are a few areas of the track that move off to different parts and please make sure you take the time and do these tracks. The “Garden Of Eden” goes off on one of these tracks and yes there is a number of extra stairs you will need to walk up but the views make it all worth it.

There are some strict rules on when you can do the Rim Walk and you must adhere to them, and to be honest its for your safety! The Rim walk is best at either at sunrise or sunset so you can see the changing colors on the canyon.  It took us 3 and half hours to walk and yes it was bloody hard but well worth it and we are so happy we did it. It can get quiet hot so take plenty of water and take your time. We felt the best time to travel was in June, yes the nights were a bit chilly but we had fantastic days and it was pleasant walking weather.

The Kings Creek Walk – Kings Canyon

The Kings Creek Walk meanders up the center of the canyon to a lookout point on the left hand side of the valley, which affords a view of the sheer cliff face at the end of the canyon. When we walked part of the track was closed so we were unable to go to the end,  the walk is a short one and there is plenty of shade.

Kathleen Springs Walk- Kings Canyon

The Kathleen Springs Walk  is suitable for families and visitors with limited mobility (wheelchair access available).  There is signs along the track tell stories of Aboriginal Culture and the recent cattle industry. It leads to a spring-fed waterhole at the head of Kathleen Gorge. This is a cool spot to sit and take in the serenity.



Kings Canyon has to be on your bucket list of travelling Australia, yes you have to pay the price to stay and get there but its mind blowing and you will not be disappointed at all!

Kings Canyon
Pano Pic from the Garden of Eden

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3 thoughts on “Exploring Kings Canyon & Our Stay at Kings Canyon Campground”

  1. Jenni Blumfield

    Shame you didn’t go over to the sunset viewing platform..they served drinks and nibblies at a cost but the sunsets were amazing and heaps of bee eaters came around then too. Agree it is expensive if it’s a once in a lifetime experience it’s worth it..we had the dingoes come right under our awning whilst we were sitting there ..just gave us a curiousity look and kept going..not at all interested in our afternoon nibblies nor in the people bbqing just wandered past..petrol was $2.60 when when we’re there. Did a chopper ride over the canyon as I was not long off 6 months of being on crutches so couldn’t do the rim wasn’t expensive which surprised us and you went to spots you couldn’t even go on the rim walk…didn’t find the meals overly expensive either in the pub and had entertainment when we were there but to buy take away alcohol was outrageous…loved our time there ..we stayed 5 days.

  2. Steve Ribchester

    Expensive but you have to do it once. We did the rim walk last year, only had one beer at The Thirsty Dingo bar at $10. We paid $50 for a powered site. You have to be prepared when you arrive in these remote sites otherwise you have no choice but to pay what they ask. That reminds me, I cooked a chicken on my Baby Q and had to use a couple of tent pegs as skewers, I left them outside & in the morning they were gone! Cheeky dingoes?

    1. Thanks Steve, yes they sure are cheeky aren’t they! Exactly we paid the price for a few beers at the pub, and some food at the servo. When your there and there is no other choice, you pay it.

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