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Camping Torch

The Best Camping Torch

October 16, 2016 0 Comments

There is no doubt having a good quality torch comes in handy when your camping or even if the power goes out. With so many in the market to choose from how do you know which is best for you? Well  our personal favourite camping torch is one that we picked up in Bunnings a few years ago. There is so many wonderful benefits to this torch, we love it and you will too!

Now first, we found this Awesome Camping Torch at  Bunnings Warehouse in Geraldton, Western Australia. Now you can purchase this item Australia wide, so if you want one you can find one! The cost we paid was also reasonable too. Just $30.

The Details 

This ripper of a torch can do the following;

  • It works as a Spotlight with the distance beam up to 1000m
  • It also Works as a  Worklight
  • It has a Red flashing warning light
  • It has a powerbank for charging mobile devices via USB (This comes in handy when your phone is going flat and needs charging)
  • The Battery can charged via USB

We have had our Bunnings Camping Torch, for over 2 years and its still going strong. Wayne loves to tell people about this amazing torch as its very practical.

Bunnings Warehouses

We also must recommend saving your Bunnings Trips to the weekend! Why the weekend you may ask? Well this is when the Sausage Sizzles are taking place. You can’t go to Bunnings and not have a Snag on your walk around the store can you!

For full details on Bunnings Store Locations click  here. 

Camping Torch

The Awesome Multi-Purpose Bunnings Torch

Note- This article did not receive any financial benefit from Bunnings.




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