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SkyDive Jurien Bay

SkyDive Jurien Bay- What an Experience!

Ever been in that moment where your like lets do something crazy! I for sure have done some crazy things in my life but for what I was do next was pretty out there. This is where my Jurien Bay SkyDive adventure begins. On a road trip back to Geraldton in Western Australia from the glorious Perth City, I said to my friend Lauren who was visiting me at the time , do you want to jump out of a plane today? Whilst I never thought she would do it, she surprisingly said yes!


The team at SkyDive Jurien Bay are absolutely amazing and I know that from a firsthand experience because my “feel the rush experience” didnt go to plan. We were taken on a spectacular scenic flight over Australia’s West Coast with breathtaking views of the Jurien Bay coastline stretched out in the distance. I had a no fear attitude, I wasn’t scared, maybe the adrenalin had kicked in. Sitting in a tiny plane, strapped to a stranger ready to go. Once at 14,000 feet we would then take the jump of our lives. Time to go! 

Whilst many people absolutely love the rush and the free falling, I didnt actually enjoy it, probably mainly due to my shoulder dislocating during free-fall, which was quite unexpected and painful.

My experienced skydiver Heath  was an absolutey legend, once the gushing wind noise stopped I was eventually able to speak to him and I remember saying get me to the ground now! There is no doubt, there was probably some swear words in there too, but we don’t need to repeat them!

I was at a point, where i could not lift my arms out, as this is what your supposed to do during the process, however i was in unbearable pain. Once we finally go to the ground, it was a trip to the hospital and seeing a doctor via video conference to get me assessed. The lovely nurses were able to put my should back in place after they made me high on the happy gas.

What I can take away from this experience is that whist skydiving is dangerous its also worthwhile and the experience is once in a lifetime. I can cross that off the bucket list! The views and memories I have from my sky diving experience whilst are  not ideal they truly are memorable; Those views from 14000 feet are remarkable.  I would recommend to anyone if its something you want to do, definitely do it.



Jurien Skydive has a 3 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom accomodation available onsite.  It can sleep up to 6 to 8 people and is fully self contained. You can book this apartment any time, its not just for people wanting to SkyDive! Its centrally located in the centre of town and only 500m to the Beach.  For bookings, click here 

Looking for alternate Jurien Bay Accomodation check out Air BNB options available, use our link and sign up to get a $55 credit voucher!

Gift Vouchers – Want to give someone a SkyDive Experience, they do have Gift Vouchers available. Head on over to their website to grab one for a friend or family member!



For tandem skydiving prices start from $299, prices do increase depending on how long you want your free fall to be. I paid around $600 for my tandem skydive, which include the important safety information, jumping from 14,000 feet with more than a minute free fall, video and photos of my experience.

If your an experienced Solo Sky Diver, you can also jump and fly the sky at Jurien Bay. For all the full price details and packages available check out the SkyDive Jurien Bay website. Click Here 


Hands down Jurien Seafood Fish and Chips is by far the best we have eaten. Fresh fish from the nearby ocean,  this shop is always busy so be prepared to wait. But you won’t be disappointed at all! 

Find the shop on the Corner of Murray and Bashford Street, Jurien Bay, Western Australia. 


Here is a fun fact for you; I had my SkyDive experience captured on a Go Pro, so i could remember the experience.  Its been over 3 years since my jump and i am still yet to watch that video. I seriously don’t think i can watch the part where you see my shoulder just pop out! YUCK!!


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  1. Omg I can’t believe that happened! Sounds awful! just the thought of skydiving scares me! My husband does it though! He loves it!

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