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Daly Waters Pub

The Truth about the Daly Waters Pub

Truth be told, the  Daly Waters Pub is quoted to be one of Australias Most Iconic Outback Pubs. And you know what we agree whole heartedly.  Who doesn’t love a cold beverage and delicious food. This pub is quirky but it ads to its personality and  popularity. The interesting decor is not to be missed. The ceiling, walls and poles of the pub are covered in lingerie,  business cards, name badges, stickers, hats, singlets and other various collectables.   We have visited this iconic hotel twice now and it doesn’t disappoint, its one for everyones bucket list.

Here are our thoughts and some tips on the Day Waters Pub in Northern Territory, Australia.

A Must-Be Place For Every Traveller

If you have never been to Australia before or you have been here often a trip to this iconic outback hotel is a must. When you get here, just take your time to discover the many funny & quirky details at the Daly Waters Pub. Its a never ending collage of decor from the floor to the ceiling. You never know you might find something from someone you know! Don’t  be a city slicker and expect a lot of state-of-the-art facilities you are a long way from a major city. This is the true Australia.

Where to find the Daly Waters Pub?

Directly quoted from their website,  the Daly Waters Pub is located right in the middle of Whoop, Whoop! Travelling the Stuart Highway, from Darwin its 600km down the road and from Alice Springs its north about 900km.  We emphasise thats a days driving from those major cities. Now don’t get confused with the Daly Waters Inn. Thats the roadhouse that is right on the highway, there is clear signage to turn off the road to Daly Waters Historic Pub.

Never Mind The Dust

Remember that the pub is located next to the Caravan Park and various Cabins & Motel Units, this can work in your favour if you have had a too many beers at the Pub!! However remember you are in a remote area and you need to expect dirt and dust. Your also in warmer climate so expect flies, bugs and frogs!  Don’t forget the Insect Repellant!

Solo Trip to The Pub

At the Daly Waters Hotel, we have seen any people visiting. This includes solo travellers, couples, groups & families and they seem to be having a fantastic experience.  Australia is a great place to explore and you will find many world travellers visiting this Pub. Be polite and say g’day to your fellow travellers!

A long drive…

We enjoy a long drive and their is  no regrets once you get here. The pub has everything on offer, food, drink, fuel, accommodation and AIR-CON!  It’s a great stop-over for  meals, beers and entertainment. Take some time out to explore the area, you never know what you might find!

Place Your Booking?

We suggest to you to place your booking well in advance especially if you are planning to visit during the peak season (May to October) because many visitors come to the area for the warmer climate. Ensure you book early to avoid disappointment as you may run the risk of arriving and no accommodation space for you. Daly Waters accomodation is varied with  camping sites, cabins, pub rooms and motel rooms all available. We have only stayed one night and we wish we stayed more, however 2019 is our year to re visit some of our favourite places on our Lap of Australia. 

Food Available All Day

It doesn’t matter what time of day you get at the pub, there is food for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all available.  You will be sure to find something to eat and its top notch!  The pub is most known for their delicious Beef & Barra dishes. Whilst your here, give them a go!

Who Should Visit The Daly Waters Pub?

The pub is one for all Australian & Overseas travellers  to visit. There’s free WIFI, the reception from Telstra & Optus is limited however you still may be able to make calls. When you connect to the WI FI check In on your Social Network Pages and tell your friends about this unique establishment!

Other Historic Outback Pubs in Australia to visit

As previously mentioned the Daly Waters Pub is known Australia wide as one of Australia’s most popular Outback Pubs. As we plan and continue to find our Top 10 Australian Outback Pubs we have another to add to our favourites list and that is the Silverton Hotel in New South Wales, Another popular and unique pub, this one has had many Australian Movies filmed at the Hotel and surrounding it.

What Are You Waiting For? Plan your next visit here! 

If your holidays are approaching and your planning a road trip to the Northern Territory, make a date at the  Daly Waters Pub for a memorable experience. Its on everyones Great Australian Bucket list. If you want to get the best out of your trip to Australias most remote areas, plan your trip well in advance. Read our popular post of Driving the Stuart Highway for our top tips. As always budget and plan your trip, you won’t regret it!


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  1. Kristy Bullard

    This pub looks like it is so much fun! I would love to go to Australia one day!

  2. A friend of mine who recently visited Australia, was just talking about this place earlier this week. She said she had an absolute blast. It sounds like a really good time.

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