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Riba's Underground Camping

Riba’s Underground Camping & Tourist Park- Coober Pedy

For a stay in Coober Pedy there is no doubt Riba’s Underground Camping & Tourist Park is our place of choice. Riba’s offer’s free hot showers, basic kitchen facilities and the experience of pitching your tent and sleeping underground. It is by far our favourite choice of caravan park in Coober Pedy and we will tell you why we love and recommend this place.

You Said How Much.. 

When we visited we paid was $15 per person and there is also the offer of the Opal Underground tour as well which is $24 per person on top of the $15 camping fee. However if you chose to do the tour your camping fee is waived.

Why we love Ribas Underground Camping

We have visited Ribas Underground Camping & Tourist Park, 3 times now and stayed during the Winter and Spring months. It has to be said that sleeping underground was not only a unique experience but it was the best decision as we found its  warm during winter and cool during the Sumer. Its a great place to be comfortable to rest up after days driving. Some people have asked us about feeling claustrophobic and that doesn’t  effect us at all. Their is  plenty of light underground.

Pitch the Tent or Camp Underground

Whilst this place does have space for Caravans which include Powered and UnPowered Sites, there is the choice of basic accomodation underground. Which is literally just a double bed or bunks. Or you can pitch the tent underground. We have explored all options underground and its an awesome experience. Toilets are above ground so if you do need to go to the loo during the night, you do have to go above ground to the Caravan Park toilets.

Hot Tip, for caravaners, if you’re lucky you can get yourself  an undercover powered parking  site which would be ideal in the warmer months however we would recommend booking as space is limited.

Park Facilities

The camp kitchen is fully enclosed which is a great idea as the flies during the warmer months would be horrendous. The kitchen is very basic, galvanised tables, two sinks that may only run cold water as we couldn’t get any hot water out of them! There are 2 cook tops and a bbq. There is rubbish and recycling bins located in the Camp Kitchen.

The facilities here are all clean, a little dated but still very presentable. Another plus, is its the only caravan park that offers FREE hot showers! Some parks in town charge you for water usage on top of your nightly rate.

The Verdict 

There is no doubt you pay  for the experience at Ribas Underground Camping & Tourist Park, there were even families with caravans that  chose to sleep underground in one of the budget rooms.  The fellow campers  told us they loved it  and it was better than a sleep in their caravan!  From a personal reason, we choose to stay at Riba’s as we had heard numerous stories of peoples vans getting broken into at the Caravan Parks in the town of Coober Pedy. Riba’s Underground Camping is only 3km from town  and every time we have stayed we felt very safe and would definitely continue to stay here in the future.

Want to Know More? 

If you would like further information on Riba’s Underground Camping & Tourist Park, check out their website. Another of our recommendations is to read fellow travellers reviews on WikiCamps that way you get an understanding of what is happening in the parks. 



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