Penguin Island- Western Australia

If you’re in the Rockingham area and looking for a family outing or maybe a nice spot for a picnic, you can venture to Penguin Island, which is a small island off the coast of Western Australia. It is home to a colony of little penguins and a vast variety of birdlife.

Rockingham Wild Encounters conduct regular ferries to carry tourists to and from the island. The journey takes approx. 5 minutes and ferries are conducted on the hour. The cost is pretty cheap, however if you have your on boat you can get there yourself or if you’re looking for a challenge you can kayak, swim or walk across on the tidal bar. Note that the walking across the sandbar is at your own risk and drowning has occurred.

We took the  sea lions and underwater tour with Wild Encounters, the total cost per person was $38 which included the tour for 45 minute, the ferry ride across and back  and the  penguin feeding.

The island itself is beautiful for a picnic with lush green lawns and stunning ocean views, we felt the sea lions cruise was overrated. We did see dolphins on this trip.  All tourists travelling to the island should note that you need to bring your own supply of food, drink and rubbish bags to the island. As you cannot purchase anything there and rubbish bins are not provided. There are waterless composting toilets on the island and you still have phone reception when you’re out there. For more information about booking your Penguin Island experience you can go to direct to their website here. 



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