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Overseas Travel- Our First Overseas TripTogether

Yep, you read it right. Wayne and I are off on our FIRST ever overseas trip together! For those that know Wayne on a personal level, he sure is not the type of bloke that likes to move away from the ‘normality’ of Aussie Life. His holidays are much preferred traveling Australia in the ute and drinking beers at a local pub. 

However, there is a reason we are going overseas together. We are going to visit his son and partner that we haven’t seen since December 2016. Now i bet your thinking where are we heading?? If you haven’t been paying attention to our Facebook or Instagram paages, you wont have any clue where we are going.

Well we are off to Vietnam. More focused around Ho Chi Minh City to be honest, however we are feeling mixed emotions which i am sure are most common when you head to a foreign country.


There is no doubt about it, researching hotels in Ho Chi Minh City was fun, there is plenty of options and VERY affordable. The key things we were looking for were, a hotel based in the heart of the city, an on site Day Spa, Free WIFI and a bit of Luxury!

I like to splurge sometimes and i found that the Pullman Hotel Saigon had everything we would need. We are booked in a King Deluxe Room, that has a King Bed (YAY!!) and a bathtub. We dont have a bath at our house, so im looking forward to soaking it up in the tub!

The cost for 7 nights was 20,544.649.12 VND, which works out to be $1212 AUD.  If you put that into perspective that works out to be $173 a night, you would struggle to get a room in the heart of Melbourne CBD for that price.

Pullman Hotel Saigon. Photo courtesty of


Money Money Money, we all need it! Our breakdown on costs for this trip is are as follows;

Accommodation- $1212 AUD

Flights- $915.60 AUD

Spending Money- 7,950,000 VND Cash which equates to $492.93 AUD & 5,926,029 VND on a  Travel card which equates to approx  $311.40 AUD

Total Cost- $2931.93 AUD


Overseas Travel
Heading away with $8M Vietnamese Dong


For most of this trip, we are really going to just wing it and hopefully that Wayne’s son will help us out with where to  visit as well as seeing and experiencing the true ‘Vietnamese culture”

Of what we have researched we certainly want to do a river cruise along the Mekong Delta and the Cu Chi Tunnels. However Wayne doesn’t want to leave without having a fully fitted suit being made! High Priority Goals right there! We are only in the country  for 7 nights so it will be a quick trip, however we plan to make it as memorable as possible. 

If you have any hot tips on where to go, what to do please drop us a comment.  To keep up to date with our trip happenings, stay tuned to our social media channels Facebook & Instagram. 


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  1. You are going to have an amazing time. I’ve bene travelling overseas since I was 14 (many many years!!) and i still get a touch of anxiety before any trip but the desire to go is a sways stronger. Enjoy every minute!!! Look forward to seeing your pics so have followed you on Insta.

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