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Great Ocean Road

6 Tips for Driving the Great Ocean Road

We love a good road trip. Maybe it’s because we like driving and seeing the beautiful scenery go by. We love exploring our home state of Victoria in Australia and for long drives and dramatic scenery, the Great Ocean Road is an obvious choice to explore.  A Great Ocean Road self drive option is a must, do it as slowly as your time allows and take a several day journey to give you the  opportunity to stop and discover the hidden gems and to avoid the crowds at times that suit you!  

The Great Ocean Road route stretches 250 kms from Torquay to Warrnambool and is one of the must-see destinations in Australia. However we always recommend key points on any road trip and there is no difference here! We provide you helpful tips for planning your holiday experience along the Great Ocean Road. 

Safety First – Drive to the Conditions of the Road & Plan your Time

We always bang on about “preparation and planning for your trip” and this is even more crucial when you plan to drive the Great Ocean Road. Driving  along Victoria’s coastline, its full of twisting and turning sections of road. Its important to plan your time well as you may only be driving between 30-50km per hour. There is limited overtaking bays which prevent you from getting in front if you happen to by stuck behind a slower vehicle. 

When you reach Otway National Park you will see the majestic rainforest. Now during winter this rainforest can become very wet, foggy and windy. Limited visibility is very high and PLEASE remember to drive with your Headlights ON so others see you! Always take it slow. Wildlife can pop up in areas you least expect so be alert.  


Pack for 4 Seasons in 1 Day

Now when you come down the coast, its essential  to pack clothes suited for four seasons. Our visit was in Winter and boy was it icy cold! No matter how many layers we had on it was still freezing. Come summer time, whilst it will still be warm, the costal winds can still be chilly. 

The 411 of the Great Ocean Road Attractions

Do you research before you go of the key places you want to stop at. That way your prepared for where you want to visit and the costs required. Numerous information centres are set up in the towns along the Great Ocean Road. If you call into any of them you can get updated information and if you need to book an tours or accomodation stays they can assist you with this. 

We did a rookie mistake and thought the Cape Otway Lighthouse was a free attraction, however it wasn’t. Entry fee is required before you can even capture a glimpse of this incredible historic & important lighthouse. Want to check out this awesome place?  Check out our You Tube Video here of our visit.  

If your looking to beat the rush of the tourist buses and other tourists in general, our best tip is to get up early and beat them to it!  The key spots around Port Campbell are all free which is fantastic, however if you don’t come early, be prepared for an influx of people! Trying to get photos can be extremely frustrating as you either have to wait in line or fight your way to the front of the queue to get your snap. 

Great Ocean Road Accomodation- Book WELL in Advance

We visited the Great Ocean Road during a long weekend and by pure luck we were able to get some accommodation in Apollo Bay and Anglesea a week prior to leaving for our trip. HOWEVER our biggest tip is to book your accommodation well in advance. Not only will you hopefully get it at a discounted price, but you wont be disappointed by not getting into your favourite motel/hotel or caravan park. The Great Ocean Road is a very popular place all year round and we would hate to see you having to sleep on the side of the road.

Try your luck of finding some sweet accomodation on AirBnB, we have an awesome offer of $55 AUD credit when you sign up and make a booking. Or if AirBnb isn’t your style, you can get you a $25 AUD cash back if you book through our link.


When visiting the Great Ocean Road, you won’t really incur any expenses when travelling to the main key tourists attractions as they are mostly free. BUT always have cash on hand as there are some incredible places to indulge on glorious food. As well as popular Otway Fly Tree Top Walk or Helicopter & Boating Tours. There is something for everyone! 


Don’t Forget the Camera

Make sure you have your camera packed for this incredible road trip journey, there are some ripper places to pull up and take photos whilst driving along the Great Ocean Road. There is plenty of designated parking areas where you can pull up to capture your memorable shots and make incredible memories! 

Celebrate your Great Ocean Road tour, it’s a must-see destination to explore. Do you have any favourite spots on the Great Ocean Road? We would love to hear them! If your looking for some other things to do if your visiting the Melbourne region, check out our visit to the Carlton Brewhouse & Melbourne Star you just might like them too!





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Great Ocean Road


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