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Mars Camper

Mars Camper Trailer – Why We Love Ours

April 27, 2019 0 Comments

Love Your Travels is pretty special to us, our whole why was to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone to travel more. 

You don’t need the best things in life, you just need the things that will get you through. We wanted to give people the experience of camping. Which is why we introduced camper trailer hire, not only does having a camper benefit us for our travels, but it’s giving others opportunity as well. 

We shared with Caravanning with Kids why we opted for a Mars Camper Trailer. You can read about our chat and other travelling families on why they love their Mars campers. Read Here –  Mars Campers – Real Stories from Real Families

Want to know more about hiring our Mars Camper Trailers? CLICK HERE to know more.




Love Your Travels

loveyourtravels is joint travel blog by engaged couple Stacey and Wayne. The blog is to encourage others to get out there and see their own backyard. Even if its day trips, weekends, holidays or full time travel we do it all. We love to share our travel experiences, thoughts and costs. Planning our Wedding in March 2019 then taking off immediately after to Road Trip and Work Australia.