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LoveYourTravels was a hobby for us, we wanted to share our travel experiences with an audience that had the same interests as us but to also encourage others to get out there and explore their surrounds. We have grown our little blog and feel proud that we have a organic group of followers who are actively commenting and reading our posts. Wayne had an idea for some time and whilst I was always hesitant of it, I finally succumbed to pressure and let him have his way.  Love Your Travels is now registered as a  business name in Australia and we are offering a Hire a Camper Trailer service to everyone.

We were in the market to purchase 2 new trailers and whilst we did look at second hand options we thought it would be best to purchase brand new. We went with Mars Campers which was due to a personal recommendation from Wayne’s brother and purchased our two Brand New Mars Gaillelo Campers from Pattos RV in Geelong, Victoria

Hire a Camper Trailer

Picking up the Campers at Patto’s RV in Geelong, Victoria

Our Campers

The option of Hard Floor vs Soft Floor, what do you choose?? The cost between the two can be quite hefty, however we knew what we wanted and that was a Hard Floor Camper.

We close  2 Hard Floor campers as we found the benefits of a Hard Floor Camper out way a Soft Floor Camper. It literally takes us about 3 minutes to set up and about 10 minute to pack down, the hard floors are so easy to use and  one of the other benefits of our hard floor campers is we wanted our customers to be in a little bit more luxury and not have to fiddle around with uneven ground when walking through a soft floor tent.


How to Hire a Camper Trailer

We are using a current caravan and camping hire company called Camplify to advertise our campers. We ask of a two night minimum hire and we are willing to relocate them up to 150km from our home base which is Donald in Victoria. This gives our customers flexibility if there wanting to take camping trips to Grampians National Park, Mount Araplies or even the Murray River. You can hire from us with the option to collect or we can set it up and pack it down at your location of choice.

We do request that when you Hire a Camper Trailer from us that your vehicle is fitted with Electric Brakes and you must be able to Hayman Hitch to tow.

Whilst the campers only have a queen bed inside there is space for a 2 Bunk Beds or a Childs Stretcher Bed so a family of 3 or 4 can fit in. We do request no pets and no smoking inside the trailers.

Fees and Charges as per listing on Camplify (these are subject to change, if your looking for a shorter or longer period of time, talk to us so we can fit in line with your budget)

-2 Night Minimum Hire

-Service Fee of $50 which includes cleaning

-$50 per night flat rate. Please review Camplify website for specific dates and prices- please note subject to change

-If the camper requires relocating we charge $1.00 per Kilometre for relocation. Additional Fees applicable for Hire of Bunk Beds & Tables and Chairs. We also charge a $60 fee if you require us to drop it at your location.

Book now to hire a Camper Trailer from us – Love Your Travels Camper 1 Love Your Travels Camper 2


Contact Us

If you would like to know anything further about our hire rates or potential hires for the future, please get in contact with use so we can talk hire options.

We would love to work with you to make your holiday memorable if you chose to Hire a Camper Trailer from us.