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Lake Argyle

Magical Memories of Lake Argyle

Its known that Lake Argyle is  “the jewel of the Kimberley” and you know what, there  exactly right. Of all the amazing  places we have visited so far in the land down under, Lake Argyle is absolutely the most majestic and memorable place we have ever visited. If this place isn’t on your Australian Bucket List, you need to think again! 

Lake Argyle is located 70km south of Kununurra in Western Australia and is a result of some brilliant engineering, Its the biggest man made lake in Western Australia and the second biggest in Australia. There is no doubt that Lake Argyle is absolute perfection and we are so happy we made the journey here, we only wish we had of stayed longer.


We stayed at the Lake Argyle Resort which is a caravan park, not a luxury resort just so you know. The resort is accessible to everyone and everyone has to pay to use the facilities. At check in you are issued with wristbands that you must wear during the duration of your stay.  If your on a tight budget, you can free camp out the road, however if you want to be part of the crew with the your photo taken at the most photographed location in WA  at the famous infinity pool you will need to get a day pass at the resort. The day pass does give you full access to the resort facilities for the day.

We also want to share one key important factor that we didn’t know about at Lake Argyle Resort, and that is there is  NO PHONE RECEPTION. They do have Free WIFI everyday between 4.30 and 6.30  however it can get quite slow with everyone trying to use it at the same time. However, we do want to say, we got used to no reception, it really made us appreciate where we were and we took in all that it had to offer.

The resort has a range of accomodation options, Lake View Villas, Standard Cabins, Outback Safari Tents and Powered and Unpowered Sites. There is also an onsite restaurant, bar and shop with basic supplies such as break, milk, ice creams, ice, gas and fuel. There is  a  range of souvenirs available from the shop as well  Information and Tour Bookings. We stayed in a Standard 2 Bedroom cabin that had been recently renovated. We paid $300 per night for 4 adults. During the Wet Season  (October to possibly March) they do offer 2 for the price of 1 accomodation deals. So if your planning to visit during these times, give them a call to get the best deal on accomodation options.


Within minutes of arriving, Stacey made a beeline for the pool. We had heard reports that the water was freezing, however we thought it was beautiful and refreshing. The wet edge infinity pool overlooking the lake and mountain ranges is spectacular, there is no wonder that this is the most photographed place in Western Australia.

Late afternoons and around sunset is a popular time for people to take a dip in the pool, the sun sets behind the pool rather then over the lake but  its beautiful to watch the  mountain ranges change colour.  If your planning to get your own memorable photo in the infinity pool,  you may want to do this early morning when there is no one around. Thats what we had to do.


There is some spectacular lookouts at Lake Argyle, weather its from the Infinity Pool, at the Boat Ramp, Water Tank lookout or the  Dam Wall you will be awe inspired by your surroundings. We put our drone up here and captured some incredible images.


On your way to Lake Argyle you will pass the Argyle Downs Homestead.  The homestead with built in 1895 by the Durack Family. With the expansion of Lake Argyle the home was dismantled stone by stone and relocated in early 1970s. The homestead now is created to exactly what it was in earlier times. The homestead lives as a museum to tourists and is dedicated to the Durack Family. Entry cost is $4 per adult.


Upon your arrival at Lake Argyle Resort you will be advised of the available tours, there is a range to select from, Lunch Cruises, Afternoon/Sunset Cruises and Full Day Tours. We didn’t do a Cruise however we would do it next time when we have more time available.

Check out our YOUTUBE video of our visit to Lake Argyle below.


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  1. Ugh. I just love traveling and creating memories. LOVE IT SO MUCH – my husband and I have so much fun when we travel (and just in general,ha) and we create so many memories. I am so excited to travel with him even more this year 🙂

  2. supermillennial

    These pics seem like so much fun! Looks like a ton of great memories for you 🙂

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