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How we make money with Pure Profile Paid Surveys

December 8, 2018 2 Comments

The internet is a big place full of opportunity and as we move to an increased digital world there are more and more ways that we all can all start earning money right now. Im talking about making money with paid online surveys.

Participating in online surveys whilst it might not be the most interesting way to earn a living, but answering survey questions has been around since the dawn of the internet and remains a viable way to make money online.  Keep in mind, you have to be careful of spam surveys and be on the lookout for legitimate survey companies as you want to keep your personal information safe. If your happy to give it a go, we highly recommend it! 

There are loads of survey sites in Australia that allow you to make money doing online surveys, how to find the right one is a difficult one. With heaps to choose from, we personally looked for one that paid  cash and didn’t work on a points system. 

Get Paid to take Surveys – Get Started with Pureprofile Now


What is Pure Profile? 

Pureprofile is an Australia-based market researcher company that pays you to participate in tailored surveys. Unlike many other survey websites, we can confirm that it is legitimate and it does pay-out. Pureprofile stands apart as it allows you to make money by completing questionnaires and finishing surveys. It is also one of the few that pays you directly in cash, instead of operating on a points system. Get paid to take surveys – Yes Please!!


How to be successful with Paid Surveys In Australia and Tips for Success with Pure Profile

Its really important that to earn money with Pure Profile you need to do it the right way. Success isn’t going to happen overnight, it takes time and commitment. At present we have a commitment to access our  pure profile feed twice a day and if there is any paid surveys available to do them straight away. We do this as the surveys do expire after time and sometimes they get full quickly. We don’t want to miss out on cash! Top Tip for when youre completing online surveys remember to be honest, be personal and be consistent. 

With most surveys you are pre screened, this means you will be asked a minimum number of questions to see if your the right fit. If not, you will be bombed out. However if you come across a survey that is full or if your screened out as you don’t fit the criteria you are automatically paid $.10cents. Other paid surveys give you nothing if your screened out so we certainly see this as a positive! 

Keep in mind your survey sites will cross check you. You do get random questions thrown in to surprise you, we have had some basic math questions to test us! However if you are found to fake your answers you may risk losing your cash and being suspended from the site. The way we see it, someone is paying us to take part in research and although we are only doing surveys for money, we treat it seriously.

How to Sign up for Pureprofile so you can start making money!

You can sign up to Pureprofile by using one of your social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. The other alternative is to sign up by registering your email and password. Surveys for Cash – Sign up Here!

Why we love PureProfile?

End the end of the day we love it as it pays  cash and remember cash is king! Each survey can pay you between $0.80cents and up to $5 AUD. The cash can be redeemed direct to your bank account in a couple of days. You need to have a minimum of $25 before you can cash out.  

Some months we don’t do a lot of surveys, but some months we do a heap. To be honest, sometimes you need to be in the mood to do surveys! We have been with Pure Profile since April 2018 and to date we have earned $232.70 – thats only $12.90 a month, sounds dismal I know! BUT for 12 months of that, we weren’t active at all. We were paid the odd payment for referring friends, thats it. Consistency is key remember!

If planning to cash out your payments to your bank account they are capped at $70, so we always withdraw it before we get close to this amount. If cash isn’t what you fancy you can also redeem for gift cards or Hoyts movie vouchers. 

Get Started with PureProfile now.  Sign up to Pureprofile here! 

Final Advice on Australian Paid Surveys

This isn’t a get rich scheme, yes its a great additional income but  it requires effort and consistency. When you sign up, make sure you fill out your profile entirely. This will generate the surveys through to you. Always check back to your profile to see if you there is anything further to add. This is to give you the greater opportunity to receive new survey offers. 

We enjoy it and that little extra bit of cash always helps!


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    January 20, 2020

    If you make a genuine mistake or two in my experience they assume that you are trying to scam them, 1st off its not worth it and it takes ages

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    Joe Thomas

    January 21, 2020

    I don’t have any experience with this particular site. I have been doing surveys for several years. I don’t make a killing but quite a few times the extra money that I have earned has pulled my fat out of the fire. Quite often I have paid the water billor other bills,
    for example, with earnings from surveys when I wouldn’t have had the money to pay it otherwise.