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Coalseam Park

Coalseam Conservation Park- Western Australia

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Are you a nature enthusiast? Do you like open spaces and the outdoors? Are you interested in the beautiful colors and formations of wildflowers? Then Coalseam Park is your destination!

The park is located 100km East of Geraldton and is a 30 minute drive on an unsealed road from Mingenew. The park is easily accessible for all vehicle types and has some great short walks, along with Barbecues, Toilet and Camping Facilities.

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The park is in the heart of wildflower country which is popular for the vast variety of wildflowers in bloom during spring. Coalseam was named after the Gregory Brothers after they discovered coal on the banks of the Irwin River in 1846. This was marked as the first discovery of coal in Western Australia. However due to a number of shafts being dug and only poor quality coal being found the site was the abandoned.

If you’re keen to camp the night, there is two spots available being Miners Camp Camping Area & Breakaway Camping Area. All sites are suitable for caravans and campers however the facilities differ between the two spots. Miners Camping Area has 10 sites available and is free; however during peak wildflower season the cost is $7 per person per night. No animals are allowed and the site has gas barbecue facilities available.

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If you wish to stay at Breakaway camp site this is more suitable to your equipped caravaners as there is no toilet facilities or gas barbecues. The camp is free and has 10 sites available,  however during peak season its $7 per person.

The limestone rock formations and the dry riverbed make it a nice spot to chill out and explore. Would recommend going early in the morning as the afternoons can get quite hot and humid during the warmer months.

For further information on Coalseam,  visit the park & wildlife website here. 


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