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Cee and See Caravan Park

Cee & See Caravan Park- Rockingham- Western Australia

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Are you wanting to stay in a nice Caravan Park just out of Perth City? Still wanting to have ocean views and the beach front on your door step? Well we have the best spot for you, the Cee and See Caravan Park in Rockingham, Western Australia. Its approximately 40km south of the city but gives you everything you are after! 

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It is a difficult place to get hold of to book a stay, there is no direct website for the Caravan Park to confirm prices or facilities. We found its best to  contact them direct in the mornings to book a stay.  Hopefully our photos do justice as there was no other websites showing any pictures of the park.

We stayed in a  Chalet that had ocean views.Our chalet catered for 4 people with double bed and 2 single bunk beds, all modern decor with full kitchen facilities. The only down fall is no couch area, just has table and chairs to sit and watch television.

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The park its self is quite spacious and has amazing lush lawns, there is anew playground and bbq entertaining area. Security is on point here, with a secure toilet/shower area as well as entrance in and out of the park. 

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We paid $140 per night, which was a little more then we budgeted for, however we were not let down, we felt it was money worth spent.  We enjoyed our stay and would stay again here!

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