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5 Unique Places You Should Visit In The World

This is a collaborative post written by Dale White Media.


The world is full of amazing sights. Some of them are extraordinarily beautiful, others are scary, and others are just bizarre. In this list, we will cover five unique places you need to visit.


1. Salar De Uyuni

Salar De Uyuni is located in the southwest of Bolivia, and it is the largest salt flat in the world. It has a total surface area of 10,582 square kilometres. When a thin layer of water gathers on the surface, the place also becomes the world’s largest mirror. The area is far from Bolivian cities, and that has prompted people to open hotels on the salt flat. These hotels are almost entirely made with salt blocks that are obtained from the ground.

Salar De Uyuni

2. Lake Natron

Looking for a terrifying place to visit? Look no further than Lake Natron. It is located at the border of Kenya and Tanzania and is famous for turning birds into stone. These animals can be seen floating on the water. The water is red, and that can add to the terrifying nature of the lake. No one will stop you from swimming in this lake, but be warned that the water can also calcify human beings.Make sure you’re protected before you tackle this lethal lagoon.



3. Underwater Park

Few things can be as fascinating as a modern park which is located inside a lake. For half the year, the Underwater Park is wholly submerged. The water is very clear, and that has made the place grow to become one of the most popular diving spots in Europe. You should note that the water can get very cold. The temperature ranges typically from 4 to 8 degrees Celcius.

4. Christ of the Abyss

Christ of the Abyss is another excellent attraction for deep-sea divers. It is a 2.5-metre tall statue of Jesus, and it is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It was initially placed in the sea in 1954 at a depth of approximately 17 metres. The bronze statue shows Jesus facing upwards as he offers a benediction of peace. Over the years, it has been affected by corrosion and crustaceans. As a result, the statue was damaged significantly, and the Italian government had to remove it from the water in 2003. It was returned to the water in 2004 after they made some repairs.

5. Painted Hills

Natural places can be awe-inspiring, but not many will amaze you as much as the Painted Hills. Theese hills are located in Oregon, to the northwest of the USA, and feature a range of bright colours, including pink, orange, yellow, tan, and rust. The Painted Hills have been recognised officially as one of the seven wonders of Oregon.

The Painted Hills in Oregon

The sites listed above might look like they were obtained from a book of fiction. If you doubt whether any of the places exist, you can simply book the next flight and see for yourself.


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