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Shoo Away – Black


Uses 2 x AA Batteries (Batteries are not included)

Shoo Away is your perfect solution for outdoor dining and keeping the flies off your food. Shoo Away is a safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly way to eliminate flies that love to crawl over platters of food. Simply place near your food and turn on. The flexible blades are rotated by an energy efficient motor that comes to a stop if something blocks the blades such as food or hand. The end of each of ShooAway’s gently rotating blades is patented holographic discs.This unique innovation is the key to keeping irritating flies away.

Ideal for BBQ’s, camping trips, outdoor eating areas, catering companies, down at the beach, picnics in the park, crackers and cheese on the deck. It even keeps flies out of your wine glass too.


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Each Shooaway unit has an effective range of about 700mm-1 meter diameter.  So one Shooaway is perfect for using by the BBQ or on a smaller 4 seater table to keep flies away.

Often two Shooaway’s if ideal as one can be used when cooking the BBQ food to keep flies off the BBQ food and the other can be used to keep flies away from salads and other nibbles being prepared in the kitchen.  Then when the food is ready take both outside (or inside) and use on your outdoor picnic table.

Two Shooaways will normally cover off a standard 6-8 seater outdoor table and keep flies away from landing and walking on your food when eating.




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