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Shoo Away – Bamboo


The New Bamboo Blend ShooAway is here!

Still the same old product that is loved by many worldwide but this newbie is made with recyclable bamboo.


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ShooAway is the original and best chemical-free fly repellent fan. Full stop!

Our patented Holorgraphmatic Repel Dots work as a spinning fly deterrent – the refracting light and movement is what flies hate! You’ll become a fly away fan in no time! Fly fans for food have a multitude of uses. You can keep flies at bay while doing food prep, on-table during food consumption, set & forget at parties or functions, and even while delicious baked goods are cooling, fresh out of the oven! Yep, a ShooAway table fly fan will soon become your must-have summer buddy – for any occasion! As a battery-operated fly fan, ShooAway remains simple, affordable and highly efficient – lasting for over 30 hours on two AA batteries!

So if you’re not too keen on spending your day being a fly chaser, constantly doing the great Aussie wave to shoo flies, or being an old school fly swatter fan and splatting flies left, right, and centre, then a ShooAway fly repellent fan is for you!


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